How to Level a Manufactured Home

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Manufactured Home Levelling

A manufactured home that was level at the time of installation can shift with time due to reasons like soil movement. Shifting of manufactured homes can alter its leveling and can lead to many issues in the future. If the manufactured home is not leveled, it can lead to issues in the drainage system of the home and the doors and windows of the home may not open and close securely. If you experience any of these issues in your manufactured home, then you need to realize that your home needs to be leveled again.


Make sure to wear gloves and protective eyewear before starting to work under manufactured homes. In addition, make sure that someone is nearby to help you in the event of an emergency. After getting ready for the job, you will need to remove the skirting of the home and then loosen the tie downs.

Check Level

You will need to start at the center of the home, by placing a spirit level at the middle of the beam. You will need to check the level at the closest support at the underside of the home. If it is at level, you can move to the next support and check if the area is leveled. Continue the steps to the end of the beam making sure that the spirit level is placed near the beam supports.

Raise Beams

If you find from the above step that an area of the home is not leveled, you will need to use a jack to raise the home to the required height. You may need to place a piece of wood under the jack to offer it the necessary support. Make sure that you raise the jack until the bubble in the spirit level tool rests in its middle. After raising the jack, you will see a space between the beam support and the beam.

Use Shims

Slide shims into the space that appeared between the beam and the support. If needed, you can use a hammer to secure the shim in place. After placing shims, you can lower the jack so that the beam rests on the shims. You will need to check the level again after lowering the jack. You will need to do these steps in all the areas where the home is not leveled.