Leveled Mobile Home Foundation Put Modules on an Even Keel

Mobile Home Manufacturers
Mobile Home Foundation

After constructing 90 percent modules in a climate-controlled factory, mobile home manufacturers transfer them to the general contractor to assemble the mobile home on a property. However, the manufactured structure may not have a permanent foundation, as these are movable to a new property even after final assembly.

There are three temporary foundation types in manufactured housing, and the general contractors often use the pier foundation. The concrete and steel piers can be quickly placed in different properties and in multiple locations and provide water resistance underneath the home. The slab foundation, on the other hand, places the structure on top of a concrete slab.

All types of manufactured homes sit on metallic I-beams and are tongued on wheels up-front with axles and tires placed underneath the mobile structure. The tongue and wheels are removed once the structure is assembled on a temporary foundation, whereas the I-beams stay intact with the overall structure serving the two purposes of a framework and a crawlspace beneath the home.

The pier foundation holds up the I-beam even as the multiple piers are used as per the home size and are spaced out during final assembly as per the Housing and Urban Development codes.

Temporary Foundation Level the Mobile Homes on an Even Keel

Certified mobile home manufacturers work in tandem with licensed contractors and do mandatory inspections both on and off the factory before placing the dwelling on a property. However, you may have to re-level a mobile home to maintain structural balance for longer periods, depending on the type of land – soil, clay, landfill, or dirt – and inclement weather conditions.

A number of things such as snowfall, continental drift, or any natural calamity may make the mobile foundation to become uneven. However, some structural weakness in the piers or the wooden wedges that get rotten during winter may also cause the unevenness underneath the home.

If you want to re-level your home and put things back on an even keel with part replacements, contact a licensed general contractor for thorough home inspection and new foundation work. All modules remaining 100 percent certified by HUD, a manufactured home gets a temporary foundation and offers permanent living solutions for longevity.