Steps Involved in Mobile Home Inspection

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Mobile Home Inspection

Reports show that more than 21 million US citizens live in mobile or manufactured houses, and this accounts for about 8% of the total population of the country. Housing builders claim that one out of six housing projects in the US are new manufactured homes.

Some parts of the mobile home inspections are identical to site-built home evaluation. For instance, checking the electric wiring and panels, HVAC system, and roofing are identical in both mobile homes and site-built homes. However, mobile home inspections also include some additional things. The various steps that are involved in inspection of mobile and manufactured houses are listed below.

Mobile Home Inspections

  • The housing inspector will look for manufacturer information sticker. Usually, the sticker will be located in the master bedroom closet. Checking the manufacturer info sticker will help understand if the home was built to withstand roof loads and wind loads as specified by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the area.
  • The inspector will then check for missing or loose trims, siding panels and skirting. The skirting will also be checked for proper ventilation.
  • The site built additions, if any, to the manufactured home will also be inspected. As a mobile home is capable of supporting only its own weight, the additions made to the house should be freestanding and should not bear load on the walls of the mobile home.
  • The frame of the mobile home will be inspected next to verify that they are not rusted or bent. The part that will be checked after that is the foundation pier. The piers will be checked to ensure that they are not damaged or bent and that they ate in contact with the frame of the mobile home.
  • The vapor barriers will be examined for tears, sagging, or deterioration. The perimeter blocking under wall openings will also be checked to see if they are intact.
  • Afterwards, the type and spacing of the anchor straps will be checked. The attachment of the straps to the frame will also be checked to make sure that they are strong and reliable. Apart from that, anchors and straps will be checked for corrosion and deterioration.

These are some of the steps involved in mobile home inspection. Get in touch with your home manufacturer for more details on new manufactured homes inspection.