Things to Consider in Selecting a Prefab Home Location

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Prefab Home Location

Deciding on the ideal location for placing your prefab home is the other most important thing, apart from the construction process. This is essential, and determines the type of home that you want to built accordingly.

The type of location along with its many other factors largely determines the nature of the prefab home and the construction employed for its purpose. Moreover, selecting a good piece of land is crucial for getting the full amount of benefits offered by prefabricated homes.

Described below are some important things to consider when selecting the ideal site for your prefab home.


Deciding on the location of the site is the key choice in building a prefab home and is purely dependent on the lifestyle choice of individuals. Opting for remote areas offers some benefits of achieving self-sufficiency and seclusion. On the other hand, settling on a location in a town block is beneficial for the homeowners due to its proximity to various resources and utilities.

Note that the costs involved in the building of small prefab homes could increase when opting for remote locations, due to the transportation costs of delivering the house sections into such areas. Similarly, living in an urban setting could come with its noisy culture and rush.

Zoning and Other Requirements

Before selecting a land to place your home, make sure about the zoning of the land permits the building of homes. There are other major requirements to consider besides the zoning regulations of the land. Easements and covenants are some of them and should be checked beforehand when purchasing the land.

The other things to consider are to check whether the land is located in a flood or earthquake prone area. The Bushfire Attack Level is also an important consideration and determines the design and construction materials used.

Site Access

Access to the sites is important for properly placing the prefab home on its foundations. Easier access to the sites ensures that the process of home placement remains less expensive.

The usage of cranes and other lifting devices is completely avoidable in some blocks if the trucks are freely able to move all across the sites. The costs of placing the prefab home will significantly get higher if complicated lifting procedures are involved.


The orientation of the location site is highly important to consider, mainly when selecting smaller town blocks. It is better to select a site facing north, since it allows ample sunlight on the living spaces and decks.

The orientation of the site to north also offers good views in both the front and the backyard of the home.