The Advantages of Owning a Prefabricated Home

Prefabricated Homes
Selection of Prefabricated Homes

There are numerous reasons why a prefabricated home is a better way to build your house. When you prefer prefabricated homes, you get the style, looks, and quality of a custom designed home, while reaping all the benefits of green and fast construction. Moreover, prefab homes are made from superior quality materials and will have more control over the costs.

Some of the important advantages of prefabricated homes over site-built homes are discussed below.

  • As the components are prefabricated, it will lower the construction time, thereby decreasing the labor costs.
  • Prefabricated homes can be constructed year around, as the construction is not affected by weather factors like cold, heat, rain, snow, etc.
  • As these homes are factory made, they will conform to the building code standards and will offer great quality and craftsmanship.
  • Material wastage is low in prefabricated construction, when compared to site-built construction.
  • Building materials are protected from exposure to the natural elements in the construction phase.
  • Safety and comfort levels of workers are high than the site-built construction.
  • Prefab housing production can be computerized to offer high degree of customization at much affordable rates.
  • As prefabricated homes are made in factories, quality control and factory sealing can ensure higher energy efficiency for these homes. Builders are trying to improve efficiency of prefab homes by recycling materials, installing solar panels, and making use of LED for lighting.
  • The chance of negative schedule interference is very low in prefabricated homes as the parts are made in controlled factory environments where the elements have no role to play.
  • Prefab home workers are put in a low risk environment and these workers will be comfortable inside the factory. As the workers are healthy and happy, you can be sure that your house will get the necessary attention and care to become a safe and sound home.
  • Prefabricated homes ensure that you save money on your energy bills to the point where you can make clean energy that can be put back to the energy grid.
  • Prefabrication cost savings can decrease the income needed to qualify for high ratio mortgage by up to one-third, when compared to site-built homes of the same size.