Primary Benefit of a Prefabricated Home

The prefabricated home building process has evolved dramatically over the past few years. While the cost of traditional stick-built housing continues to skyrocket, the cost of a manufactured home as remained relatively stable. Easily customized, these energy efficient and cost effective solutions to the modern-day housing crisis compare well in a side-by-side matchup.

Costing significantly less on a cost per square foot basis, a prefabricated housing unit (often referred to as a manufactured home) has several advantages over traditional rivals. Ponder these noteworthy differences between a prefabricated home and a traditional stick-built home.

Prefabricated home vs. a traditional house


  • Few debate the simple fact that buying a prefabricated home will cost less than buying a traditional house.
  • With many options available, buyers can choose their new manufactured home based on their available budget.
  • Minus the consideration of purchasing the land, a manufactured home can be purchased for the fraction of what a traditional home might cost.
  • Other factors to take into consideration are that the maintenance, property taxes, utilities, mortgage and other general costs will be less expensive than if you were to pay the same fees on a traditional house.

Open Floor Plans

  • Gone are the long tunnel feel of older manufactured homes. Replaced by bright, contemporary floor plans.
  •  Manufactured home dealers offer consumers a wide varied floor plans featuring different combinations of family rooms and dining areas.
  •  Modern appliances and spacious living areas are stable in today’s modern manufactured homes
  •  The modern manufactured home is available in a wide variety of floor plans ranging from 900 ft.² up to 2500 ft.². Easily custom-built in either a multi-sectioned design or single, the choice is ultimately up to you

Easily Personalized

  • A manufactured home can be built to your specific personal needs
  • Great for retirees or newlyweds, a manufactured home offers an ideal solution for aging singles or newlyweds.
  • Customized for any situation, a manufactured home can be easily modified to facilitate homeowners with disabilities that require wheelchair accessibility.
  • Great rooms, open floor concept, vaulted ceilings, coffered recessing – you name it, they build it

 Built Better and Faster

  • A manufactured home, built in a factory setting, can be constructed in a fraction of the time of a traditional stick-built home. Minus any weather considerations, construction of your custom-built manufactured home goes on regardless of excessive rain, heat, snow or mud.
  • Built for less money, the average homeowner can take occupancy of their new manufactured home in less than two months on average.

 Yes, It Can Be Moved

  • Generally Not a Common Occurrence,  it is possible to move your manufactured home
  •  When performed by a professional moving company, a manufactured home can easily be relocated from one site to another.

Available in countless shapes and sizes today’s modern prefabricated manufactured homes are sure to please even the most discerning buyer. In fact, thanks today’s many technologically advanced appliances, the benefits of a modern prefabricated home can often surpass those of a traditional stick-built house.