Helpful Tips for Construction Land Survey of Modular Homes

Small Prefab Homes
Land Survey of Modular Homes

In the process of building a modular home, finding the land to place the home remains the topmost priority. Since the home manufacture and assembly takes place in a factory, selecting and setting up the land remains the most crucial task in the entire process. While selecting the land for placing small prefab homes, performing a construction survey is highly necessary for determining where to place the foundation. Along with that, surveys also aid in the preparation of the area for placing the modular home. Below are some tips when conducting a construction survey of the land for modular homes.

Local Setback Laws

In the process of surveying the land, the surveyor will provide markings on the outer corners of the property to identify the property line. For the buyer, this enables in correctly determining the position of placing the modular home. In the survey process, the buyer also needs to ensure that the local setback laws are followed. The foundation may require rebuilding if it is or exceeds the setback area. Moving the modular home after placing it can get difficult. This is the reasons why the buyer should properly consider the laws related to setbacks.

Highest Property Spot

Selecting the spot to place the home is done right after settling on the setback laws. When placing the homes, make sure to position it on the highest spot in the land than the surrounding areas. This can assist in solving any issues related to the drainage system. Before the surveyor measures the land, mark the highest spot in the land for placing the house.

Topographical Plat

In the process of determining the perfect spot for placing the home, deciding if it needs a topographical plat is highly important. Topographical plat is a special type of survey that focuses on the overall elevation of the plot. By conducting this survey, the homeowner can easily make a decision regarding the spots to level as well as the addition of retaining walls and landscaping needed for small prefab homes.

Level Spot for the Foundation

In addition to the preparation of the site for placing the modular home, the surveyor can be relied for guiding the effective placement of the home on the foundation. Before placing the home, consult the surveyor for determining if the foundation is in perfect level because an unleveled foundation can result in the home base to crack.