Difference between Kit Homes and Standard Prefab Homes

Small Prefab Homes
Standard Prefab Homes

Builders these days toy with the idea of selling prefabricated houses that has a trendy design. This is why a number of competing designs are trending in the prefab housing industry, including the kit home, which is a relatively new trend. Standard prefabs are conceptualized in a computer, put together from a factory, and the methods are similar in kit homes as well. However, kit homes are alternative dwellings in a way.

Benefits of Standard Prefab vs. Kit Homes

  • Kits are an alternative to standard prefabs. The fastening work, construction, and installation are standard among all trends. The kit homes can be priced relatively cheaper than usual, depending on the number of modules.
  • Kit home materials won’t differ greatly in terms of eco-friendly components. Both the concepts are tailor-made to housing plans and sustainable dwellings.
  • Construction time vary depending on the size of small prefab homes. Kit homes have lesser modules in stark comparison to stick-built homes.
  • Pre-planning is standard in traditional prefabs. Most kits come with a set of modules that can be customized to some extent during final assembly stage.
  • Kit homes require owner builder permit, if homeowners want to take on a challenging construction. Homeowners tend to hesitate to do so mostly because perfection is needful in prefab housing.

Matters such as insurance and finance may be taken depending on homeowner’s discretion. An owner-builder construction loan takes a time to clear. Acquiring loan for this type of prefab homes can be hard depending on the complexity of the dwelling.

Prefabricated houses are conceptualized on a factory before modules are transported to the site for final assembly. Kit home modules, on the other hand, are delivered to the site and put together skillfully. A set of plans from the side of the manufacturer would give an ideal module to homeowners.

Kit homes would drastically change the size of a module, and aid quicker transportation in all probability. In fact, prefabs are constructed under the supervision of licensed contractors who collaborate with licensed builders. They can be made trendy from a controlled factory environment.