Diagnosing Poor Drainage Issues in Small Prefab Homes

Small Prefab Homes
Diagnosing Drainage Issues

Drainage and ventilation is an essential element of all homes. Proper maintenance and inspection are essential to ensure that the system is working without any issues. As plumbers are very expensive, it will be beneficial for you to understand some of the basic troubleshooting and diagnosing steps in manufactured home drainage and plumbing.

Signs of Poor Drainage and Ventilation

There are a few signs that can let you know if there are any issues in the drainage and ventilation of your new manufactured home. Some of the classic signs of poorly vented plumbing drain lines are discussed below.

Slow Drainage

This can be considered one of the first signs of issues in drainage and ventilation. You need to check if wastewater drainage is slow and if you find that the movement of the wastewater is slow, you can make sure that there is a blockage or some other issues in the drainage system.

Fouls Smells

Check if there is any foul odor inside your manufactured home, as a stinking smell can be an indicator of issues in the drainage system. However, you should understand that not all foul smells are caused by drainage issues. The foul smell might even come from your water heater.

Bubbles in Toilet Water

You may sometimes see air bubbles rising from the toilet bowl. This happens when the drainage system in your home is not getting enough ventilation. You may also find that your toilet is missing its water when there is a ventilation problem or leak in the drainage.

All the above signs may appear when the p-traps of the drainage system are emptied of their water or when the drainage system is air locked. If the issues are caused by a leak in the drainage system, you can easily tell that by checking the flooring for dampness and soggy grounds.

It is easy to repair drainage line leaks. You just need to find the line with the issue and replace it with a good one. However, if you have found out that there are no leaks in the drainage system and still you are facing the above issues, then the system might be having a ventilation problem. In such cases, you will need professional help to fix the issues.