Conventional Site Build Homes vs. Small Prefab Homes

Small Prefab Homes
Conventional vs. Small Prefab Homes

Building an elegant and solid home for you and your family to live in will be one of the most important goals of your life. Small prefab homes are one of the best housing options available to American citizens and you can build them at an affordable cost. If you are planning to build a new home, then having a good knowledge on the difference between conventional site-built homes and small prefab homes will help you to reach a conclusion on which housing choice is the accurate choice for you.

The construction of most or almost all conventional site-built homes happens systematically at the construction site of the homeowner. These housing structures cannot be moved from one place to another, which means that you will have to live your whole life at a single location. On the other hand, the construction process of small prefab homes happens inside a factory-like setting. The finished products are then transported to the homeowner’s site before completing the finish works. If you are a prefab homeowner, then you can also enjoy the luxury of moving your home from one location to another.

The foundations of most stick-built homes are constructed from the holes in the ground with pilings, atop piers or concrete slabs that create crawlspaces. Whereas, small prefab homes are constructed atop permanent foundations. They are then strapped and anchored to the land and this might result in temporary affixations to your home’s foundation.

Many homeowners have a misconception that prefab homes get damaged or deteriorated at a faster rate. However, many studies have revealed that the construction quality of most small prefab homes is equal to that of conventional site-built homes. This means that they don’t get damaged easily.

As mentioned, the construction process of prefab homes happens inside controlled factory setting with the help of several modern pieces of equipment and under careful supervision. This means that the construction process of these housing structures will not be delayed by adverse weather conditions or any other unfavorable factors.

On the flip side, the construction process of conventional site-built homes might get delayed due to rain or any other adverse weather conditions. So, if you are planning to build an affordable home within a few months, then you should certainly settle for a prefab home.