Common Attic Insulation Options Available for Small Prefab Homes

Small Prefab Homes
Common Attic Insulation Options

Prefab homes consist of attic spaces just like a conventional site-built homes and comes in various size and shapes. Due to their energy efficiency, it is highly important to insulate the attic spaces of the home. In fact, it is proven that proper insulation and air sealing of the attic will aid in significantly reducing the heating and cooling expenses of the overall home. An improperly sealed attic must be correctly sealed for preventing the incurring of any extra charges in the energy expenses.

Attic insulation materials are available in the market and come in different types. It is highly required to have a detailed knowledge of each of these materials before purchasing. Selecting the ideal insulation for your home also requires knowledge about the R-value, which measures the effectiveness of the insulation material. Below are some of the common attic insulation options available in the market for small prefab homes.

Blanket-Type Insulation

Blanket type is another common attic insulation option available for small prefab homes. It is available in the market and is usually sold as rolls of fiberglass batts. This material is specially designed to fit in between the width of most prefab home frames. The batts can be rolled up for insulating the over the frame members in case if the attic already contains an existing insulation material.

Blanket type insulation is much easier to install and therefore can be done by the homeowner itself. It is also reasonably priced and highly effective material for use as insulation in the attic space.

Loose-Fill Insulation

The easy application and effectiveness make loose fill insulation a popular choice for use in small prefab homes. Loose fill insulation has a stated R-value of 38, which is a recommended value for use in homes. Another key feature of loose fill insulation is that it can function perfectly even around any obstructions that are present in the attic. The material is noncorrosive and hence will not cause any corrosion or rust formation on the wirings, pipes, and metal studs.

Sprayed Foam Polyurethane

Sprayed Foam Polyurethane is a highly effective form of insulation that contains high R-values per inch than other materials. It has the ability to prevent the entry of water vapor, and is, therefore, the ideal material for insulating the attic of small prefab homes. However, Sprayed Foam Polyurethane is much expensive than other insulation materials.