Vinyl on Gypsum Panels is HUD Standardized

Prefab Tiny House
Gypsum Panel Vinyls

Home renovators use the Vinyl on Gypsum (VOG) panels on old manufactured homes, as painting the gypsum panels on the walls is an easy task to do with a paintbrush. The tiny walls also have a water repellent coating that holds the panel together on the wall. Below are simple suggestions to do home renovation with an emphasis on repainting.

VOG Coating can be Glossy or Understated

Chemically, gypsum is dehydrated calcium sulfate that gives an understated soft coating. The VOG panels can be 5/16 inch thick. However, some mobile home bathrooms tend to have glossy paper coating too. As mobile home manufacturers leave gaps in between panels, renovators use strips where panels meet. If homeowners don’t want glossiness, they can opt for an understated VOG panel.

Priming the Vinyl Walls

The glossy paper coating necessitates more preparation than usual. The primer is a painting substance that coats metal, canvas, or even the tiny wooden logs. Preparations shall begin with washing, as primers won’t stick to the walls that have grown old. Use detergents or non-abrasive cleaners to clean the vinyl walls quickly.

Repaint with Primer

Ask your family members or the home renovator to know the combinations of primer and paint that go well with each other. Fortunately, better painting method means a substantially thick wall. Start with ceilings as usual when you repaint, and get to the bottom half of your manufactured home gradually.

Use Roller Brushes

Renovators who have repainted the tiny mobile homes successfully often recommend using the roller brushes for the task. In repainting, transferring the primer to the vinyl wall begins the work, and can help to repaint quickly. Besides, roller brushes give a uniform look to the renovated vinyl wall.

Mix Up Coatings

Using the light coating with the odd heavy coats would make the repainted vinyl walls thick. The light coats dry quickly, priming the vinyl walls on a tiny mobile home fast.

Gypsum panels were preferred on old mobile homes because they are lightweight and easy to install. An alternative to the gypsum panel is the Oriented Strand Board panel sandwiched in between sidewalls. Today, such panels are primarily used on the contemporary SIP kit mobile homes.