Tips to Decorate Insulated Board Seamlessly in a Manufactured Home

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Decorated Insulated Board

Once a common interior among stick-built homes, the wooden and batten walls make the cut for small manufactured homes today. In fact, a homeowner or a general contractor uses the batten strips in a manufactured home to insulate the home interiors and to give it an aesthetic appeal.

The batten walls tend to look like woven linen clothing having different types of color patterns after decoration. It is said that occupants could tell the difference between vinyl-coated gypsum board to paper-coated board from the texture of vinyl. If you are planning to decorate your home wall, try using a high-quality primer that gels well with VOG board.

Transportation Benefits of Gypsum Panels

Modular and mobile home manufacturers prefer the VOG boards since it flexes a wee bit in transit, thereby eliminating unwanted cracks in the interior of small manufactured homes. Even a recreational vehicle uses the VOG board and batten strips instead of a drywall in the ceilings, mostly because gypsum is lightweight, easy to install, and stays fireproof.

Comparing Gypsum Wall with Drywall

With a drywall, joint taping is somewhat time-consuming. Since more than one primer is applied on the wall alongside sand and then a texture is sprayed on the drywall as decoration, taping takes time. Whereas, the boards with batten strips do not require joint taping as a plus point, and yet, will not provide the same solidity insulation as drywalls do as a minus.

The Modular Connection

When decorating home interior featuring board wall having batten strips, try matching the batten pattern with wall color to get a seamless appearance on interiors. In stark comparison to small manufactured homes, a modular home thrives on drywalls that is decorated pretty much like a stick-built home next-door.

Interior Decoration Tips for Homeowners

Finally, using a faux paint has been tried by all generation dwellers in both modular and small manufactured homes. Firstly, dwellers cleanse the old wall before priming with oil paint and wait until the faux wall paint dries out gradually.

In an old manufactured home, the faux looks somewhat odd especially when the batten strips paint is used in an unmatched way with board patterns. Further, one can also try out subtle variegations such as a cloudy pattern to make the home interior look similar to the sidewalls color outside.