Ways to Make the Kitchen More Energy Efficient in Pre Manufactured Homes

Pre Manufactured Homes
Energy Efficient Kitchen

The kitchen is the crucial and busiest area in all pre manufactured homes. It is the most used space in the home and is utilized for serving a variety of purposes besides cooking such as dishwashing, refrigeration, and storage. Due to this excessive usage, the kitchen consumes the most energy in the home.

The numerous appliances used in the kitchen contribute to this increased energy usage and lead to higher utility bills. There are numerous ways to reduce the energy usage in the kitchen. Below are some ways to make the kitchen more energy efficient in pre manufactured homes.


Lighting is the major contributing factor that leads to increased energy usage in the kitchen. The lighting alone consumes about 25 percent of the overall energy allocated to the home. Reports say that the usage of lights is highest in the kitchen as it the most used space in the home. Installing energy efficient lighting is one effective way to reduce the energy usage and make the kitchen more energy efficient.

Replace the existing incandescent bulbs with LED and CFL lighting in the kitchen light fixtures. These types of lighting consume far less energy and last more than standard incandescent bulbs. This will enable more savings in the monthly utility bills thereby contributing to an energy efficient kitchen.


The refrigerator is one of the key appliances used in the kitchen for storing food items. Purchase the latest refrigerator model for the kitchen and make sure that it is certified for energy efficiency and rating. Position the refrigerator in a comfortable place in the kitchen and always try to keep the appliance away from heat sources such as stove or direct sunlight.

Allow sufficient spacing between the refrigerator and the walls for effectively circulating the air in the coils. Vacuum clean the condenser coils at least two times a year and always make sure to remove any frost buildup inside the refrigerator.


The gas stove is another major appliance used in the kitchen of manufactured homes. Ensure that the burner matches the size of the pot in an exact manner as failing to do so can result in wastage of heat and energy. You can also consider using glass or ceramic crockery in the oven, as the cooking is much faster in such utensils.

Limit the opening of the oven doors for preventing the loss of heat as the frequent opening of the door can result in the wastage of about 25 percent of the heat. Switch to microwave for defrosting and cooking small food items.