Tricks to Create the Illusion of Taller Ceilings in Mobile Homes

Pre Manufactured Homes
Mobile Homes Ceilings

Mobile homes, particularly the older models, are built within a specific set of measures for the height and length of the interiors. Most mobile home manufacturers usually rely on a standard set for the ceiling heights, which was typically seven feet. Such low ceiling heights are common in most mobile homes and provide a comfortable yet confined living experience to the inhabitants. However, the height of the ceiling can present numerous difficulties related to the inclusion of décor and the overall spaciousness of the home.

Several design tricks can be integrated into pre manufactured homes to convey a feeling of taller ceiling and spacious interiors. Adopting such strategies is a better and suitable alternative than going for a major remodeling work. Below are some of the design tricks that you can use to create the illusion of taller ceilings in your home.

Vertical Wall Panels

Vertical wall panels are well suited for creating the illusion of taller ceilings in mobile homes. The presence of vertical lines in the wood panel can induce a trickery to the eye into looking down or up at the ceiling. For homes already having vertical wood panels, small upgrades like painting can be done using light colors to properly display the lines in the panels. Having many such vertical lines in the wall will help to conceive an illusion of higher ceilings.

Glossy White Ceiling Paint

Coating the ceilings with glossy white paint is another trick to create the illusion of high ceilings. The white paint offer better reflection of the incoming light and bounces the light more evenly across the interiors thereby creating the appearance of a taller ceiling. Matte white ceiling paints are also effective for this very purpose.


Hanging curtains closer to the ceiling can make low ceilings appear taller. For obtaining the best results, hang the curtains about two inches from the ceiling or wall trim. Also, make sure that the curtain rods remain hidden inside the drapes.

Narrow Trim

Trims can significantly alter the sense of ceiling height in a home. The case with wide trims is that it can make the illusion of low ceilings than it was before. Narrow trims serve the purpose of tricking the eye well, thereby making the lower ceilings in pre manufactured homes appear taller.