Simple Hacks to Make Home Maintenance Much Easier

Pre Manufactured Homes
Manufactured Home Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your manufactured home will not only help you to make the home look a lot more elegant but it will also help you acquire a better deal when you are selling the house. However, it is true that home maintenance is time-consuming and it can also be a bit of irritating process, though it can be made a lot more simpler and easier through a few hacks. Below are a few simple yet efficient tips that will help to make your home maintenance a lot easier.

Tuck Chalk in your Toolbox

If you want to keep the metal tools and other hardware in your toolbox kit rust free, place a few blackboard chalks with these items in the toolbox. The moisture sucking properties and porous nature of chalk make the metal tools highly prone to rusting. Make sure to place several pieces of chalks throughout the toolbox instead of placing a couple of chalks.

Spray your Mower’s Blades

If you manufactured home has a lawn, then one of the most difficult household chores for you will certainly be mowing the lawn. However, many homeowners often complain that the blades of their mower often get stuck to grass clippings, which makes the process of lawn mowing a lot more difficult. You can easily avoid this issue by applying cooking spray to the blades and undercarriage of the mower.

Use Painters Tape for a Caulk Job

Applying caulk in a straight clean line may seem like an almost impossible task initially but it can be easily accomplished with the help of a painter’s tape. However, you will have to thoroughly clean the area that you want to caulk and apply medium adhesion painter’s tape only when the area is dry.

Repair Drywall Holes with a Makeup Sponge

Most people who own manufactured home prefer to use paper or mesh tape for filling the small holes in the drywall. However, you don’t have to run and grab a tape for the job because even a cosmetic sponge can get the job done for you. You will only have to stuff the makeup sponge into the hole and leave it undisturbed.

Fill Holes in your Window by Applying Nail Polish

If you detect any tiny holes in the glass windows of your manufactured home, then repair it with a clear nail polish rather than spending money on replacing the window. Simply, apply a coat of nail polish and leave it undisturbed for drying.