Laying Down Landscapes to your New Manufactured Home

New Manufactured Homes
Manufactured Home Landscapes

As mobile homes have a smaller yard than new manufactured homes, you can decorate the area with ease. One idea is to decorate with plants and bushes, but growing them would eventually result in an unwanted shade when they grow. Here are some other alternatives to lay down an attractive landscape in your front door.

Paved Patios

This does not mean the long-driven Patio Doors seen in most of the antique houses. Patio means a paved outdoor area either in the front or the back yard. The patio is laid down in an oval shape traditionally but based on your sense you may as well make it to a rectangle shape. Arrange flowers on the patio or add funky decorations during Halloween to make a difference.

Dancing Fountains

Your home landscape is incomplete without a grand fountain spraying water to a small pond. Place the fountain right behind a window just so when you open up for fresh air, you also get to see a refreshing sight. This is absolutely precious during the day time when neighbors make noise or at night when crickets start to creak around. If space allows, you may also surround the fountain with tropical grass.

Split Trellis

Trellis is a framework made of light metal bars, fastened against a wall, with plants grown on it. People often choose Green Poison Ivy over colored plants such as the Rocktrumpet. Placing a trellis in the middle of the yard will offer a split between the Right Yard and the Left Yard.

Raised Garden Beds and Containers

You can use standard containers to add height to your garden and choose containers of a different style to offer texture. Easily differentiate your parking space and driveway by appropriately mixing up large containers with small ones. As for raised beds, they have shaped edges made with layers of concrete to prevent soil eruption during monsoon.

. The concept of landscaping is etched within the confines of American pop culture with examples dating back to the illustrations for Alfred Hitchcock’s “Ghostly Gallery” with one titled “The Haunted Trailer”.