Indoor Gardening Tips for Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes
Indoor Gardening in Prefab Homes

Gardening is a great way to enhance the beauty and appeal of manufactured homes. For most of them, outdoor gardening is the preferred option due to the availability of plentiful space and other natural factors like sunlight. However, the interiors of manufactured homes are also suitable for gardening flowers, herbs, and vegetables, due to the many conveniences offered by its living space.

For manufactured homes, indoor gardening remains a viable option for enhancing the appeal of the interiors. One of the major advantages of indoor gardening in manufactured homes is the positive ambiance that it provides for the inhabitants.

The inclusion of gardening into the spaces will bring about many benefits like good fragrance and fresh air inside. What’s more, it only takes careful planning to achieve this, plus a little work and a good selection of plants that are especially suited for interior gardening.


Planning for an indoor garden inside a manufactured home involves many things to consider. Selecting the flowers and herbs for cultivating indoors is one of the major things to consider. Before deciding on any indoor cultivation, do a proper research of the plants that you want to grow.

In doing so, it is also necessary to find out the plants that need the most amount of sunlight, as it would aid in properly placing them in your home. In places where there is no adequate sunlight, grow lamps would serve the purpose of ensuring better lighting to the plants.


The walls of most manufactured homes are generally not equipped to hold potted plants. To make up for this inadequacy, adding shelves or window boxes that come along with the manufactured home décor would do well. For holding the pots, round hooks will serve the purpose well and will also effectively keep the pots closer to the wall.


For potting your plants, it is wise to rely on many of the alternatives to regular pots. Soda bottles are an affordable option to go for. Cutting out a large hole at the side and filling it with mud is an excellent way to house the plants properly. Old purses can also be used for your plants by adding soil and hanging them using their straps or attaching them to the walls.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is an excellent way to spice up the levels of greenery in your manufactured home. Vertical containers are most suited for this purpose, but other alternatives like rain gutters also serve the purpose well. They can be attached to the walls or hung down from the ceiling.