Inspecting a Used Manufactured Home

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Many American citizens prefer to build mobile homes since they are affordable than conventional site-built homes. However, if you cannot afford to build a new mobile or manufactured home, then there are still plenty of housing options available to you – settle for a used mobile home.

If you are planning to buy a used mobile home, you will have to consider a few things before proceeding with the decision. Mobile home manufacturers advise prospective homebuyers to carry out a thorough inspection of the used mobile that they are planning to buy. This is because it will help them to identify the damages and other structural issues in the structure.

You will also have to request your local builder to accompany you when you are conducting the inspection of the used mobile home. Local builders will be easily able to identify the issues within the structure and they will also help you to decide whether to buy the house or not. If you are planning to bring your local builder with you during the inspection, then make sure to check these things when you are inspecting the used mobile home.

Aluminum Wiring

Most used mobile homes, particularly the ones that were built in 1970s, are usually equipped with aluminum wiring. Aluminum wires gets easily expanded when they are warmed, which will in turn makes the wires loose. Additionally, aluminum also corrodes or oxides when it is exposed to certain metals and this may lead to fire accidents. So, try to avoid used mobile homes with aluminum wiring.

Look for Gaps around Window Frames and Door

Thoroughly inspect the window frames and doors of the used mobile homes and check whether there are any gaps. If you identify any gaps around these parts, then it will probably need to be re-leveled. A manufactured homebuilder or dealer will be easily able to do this at an affordable rate but if the home has settled too much, then would be wiser not to buy the house.

Check Ceilings for Stains

Stains on the ceiling of used mobile homes can be an indication of roof leakage. If the stains are dry and if it has rained recently, then the roof leakages can be easily repaired. However, if the leakages are wet, you will need to spend more than a few hundred dollars to fix the issues.