Ways to Retrofit Old Windows in Old Mobile Homes

New Manufactured Homes
Retrofit Old Windows

New manufactured homes have double-glazed, awning windows and vinyl frames. Experts say vinyl frames with thermal protection have more U-Value, which is unsurprising since vinyl insulate the sidewalls. On double-glazed windows, a glass panel protects people home from outside weather such as snow. If you already have one placed at home, you are safe, but if you experience drafts on windows or moisture at home may be it is time to retrofit the window. You could tell if yours are drafty and difficult to slide. Below are some ways to draft a new one in place of the old window.

Bank on Substance and Style

Some people may have had a vintage looking jalousie window, which was popular in the 50’s and 60’s. By placing windows, you also want to impress onlookers and neighbors, so make sure you place a better style such as the sliding French window. The skylights and vents placed on the top give ventilation so there is a proper balance between style and substance.

Hire Professional Experts Only

Installing a windowsill can be trickier than you may think it is. Approach a professional to place the windowsill perfectly on the front door. However, professionals would remove the cladding to mount a window beneath the vertical siding of the mobile homes. While you search for windows, also approach dealers having window installers who retrofit the window and know about wind load zones.

Put Sealants on your Window

Obviously, the old putty needs to be replaced with a fresh sealant to close the openings. Foam tape is one of the options you have as the sealant, and once you tape in between the window frames and sidings, you can weather-strip the old windows. This shall be done only after retrofitting the windows.

Cost of Retrofitting Windows

Windows are cheap for new manufactured homes, and some vinyl-framed ones cost approximately $200 to $300. However, windows for less than a $100 are also available in the market, intended for budget-savvy people. However, you need to add to that the cost of transportation and installation, which means you would end up paying more anyway. Regardless, when you retrofit the window, you get a good outside view and warmth at home.