How Fireproof is your New Manufactured Home

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Experts in the area of housing say that the fire resistance of manufactured homes mainly depends on when the home was built. This means that those homes that were manufactured before the HUD standards came into effect might not be as fireproof as the homes that are made as per the HUD standards. This is because before the year 1976, there were only minimal standards in manufactured home construction and these homes were “mobile homes”.

The level of fire safety in pre-1976 homes is uncertain, but the new manufactured homes that were built after HUD standards came into effect are more fireproof and if a fire starts in the home, it is less likely to cause death or serious injuries to the inhabitants. In addition, the fire safety requirements for manufactured homes has been updated and improved by HUD over the years.

One of the examples of that is the requirement of wall linings that are fireproof or that will not promote the spreading of fire inside the house. This means that the newer the manufactured home, more fireproof it will be.

One of the major causes of fire in manufactured homes is electrical wiring, which is followed by heating equipment and cooking appliances. You should understand that none of the homes is completely fireproof, whether it is a manufactured home or a site-built home, but there are a few things that you can do to prevent spreading of fire in your home.

Ensure that Smoke Alarms are Working

Your manufactured home will have many fire alarms installed to it. You will have to test each of the fire alarms by pressing the test button, at least once a month. Additionally, make sure to replace the batteries of the alarm on regular intervals.

Install More Alarms

You need to install more fire alarms in your home, especially if any of the inhabitants sleeps with the bedroom door bolted. Latest HUD standards call for installation of fire alarms in all the bedrooms. In addition, these alarms should also be interconnected, to make sure that if one of the alarms detects smoke, all of them would go off.

Have an Escape Plan

As per the HUD standards, all new manufactured homes need to have two exit doors. In addition, there should be an open path to rush out of the house at times of emergencies. This means that there should not be any lockable doors between the bedrooms doors and the exit door.