Reasons to Choose a Hurricane Resistant Modular Home

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Hurricane Resistant Modular Home

Durability is one of the major benefits of opting modular homes for living. Most homeowners choose modular housing options due to its durability. However, extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes will have a definite impact on modular homes lowering their durability. This can compromise the safety of the inhabitants while also making the house more prone to damages. In areas prone to hurricane, it is particularly important to have weather protection features embedded to the homes.

Hurricane resistant small modular homes are the best alternative in hurricane prone areas, as they come with weather resistant certifications. These homes have excellent hurricane resistant features that offer high durability, longevity to the homes and ensure safety of the inhabitants. Moreover, hurricane resistant homes are definitely a great boon for those living in hurricane and other weather prone areas of the country. Here are few of the reasons for choosing a hurricane resistant modular home.

Certification Standards

Many standards must be strictly met while manufacturing a hurricane-resistant home. The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) is one such standard that certifies hurricane resistant homes. The stringent quality and durability standards ensure that the homes are built using wind resistant materials, has enhanced structural supports along with an emphasis on stronger design and construction.

Buying homes with such superior certification standards is definitely a worthwhile investment for homeowners. Its sheer strength and endurance capabilities offer increased safety in cases of severe weather conditions. Now almost all modular home manufacturers provide homes with such excellent certification standards.

FORTIFIED Home Program

This is a program from IBHS to strengthen modular homes. FORTIFIED Homes offers several advantages to the homeowner particularly to those living in severe weather areas. This certification ensures that the homes are engineered for preventing damages during hurricanes and high winds.

Resale Value

Due to the durable features, many of the potential damages to the home are reduced. This facilitates greater confidence in the homeowner about their investment, which will definitely enhance the marketability of the home. The chances of obtaining a good resale value for hurricane resistant modular homes are higher in areas frequented by hurricanes.