Design Tips for Modular Homes Exterior

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Exterior Designing of Modular Homes

It is indeed a misconception to assert that all modular homes resemble mass production things rolling out of factories. Modular homes offer much more possibilities in design and customization than conventional homes. Their increased customization options will aid in designing the homes according to our preferences.

The exteriors of the home are the most sought over portion that needs most of the designing work. A good-looking exterior will convey the character of the home at the first sight to any viewer. The following are some tips in designing the exterior of your modular home, which would help you to make it more appealing and unique.

Decorative Roofing

Decorative roofing is one of the major exterior works that provides a unique aesthetic to the home. There are many types of such roofing available like slate, ceramic roofing, and expensive tiles. It is a less expensive option to consider for designing the exterior of a modular home. They are many designs and styles of such tiles available from many manufacturers.

The Front Door

Adding a unique front door is a good option to consider when designing the exteriors of your modular home. Try some decorative front doors that give a truly distinctive character to the nature of the home. However, too much decoration in front doors using glass panels will compromise the safety of the home. The function and design needs to be blended in when considering on a new front door.

Installing Windows

This is an easiest and inexpensive option to modify the look of your modular home. Installing windows of different shapes and sizes in the exterior of the home can really add to its appeal. There are windows of many good designs, shapes, and sizes available with most manufacturers.

Setting up Dormers to the Roof

Dormers add character and appeal to your homes, and are a good addition for modular homes. It is a very inexpensive to install and can serve both functional and aesthetic aspects as well. The functional benefit of attaching dormers is that it allows a lot of natural light into the interior of your home. This will help save energy while also serving the aesthetic benefit of changing the look of your home.

The Front Porch

Addition of a front porch will change the overall look of your modular home. It offers extra living space and provides a welcoming feel into your home. Moreover, this extra living space offers the perfect place for relaxing and recreation.