Cleaning a New Modular Home

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Modular Home Cleaning

Preparing to move into your newly built modular home is an exciting time. Every one of your family members will be planning to explore the new space of the home. However, you will have to properly clean the house before you start to move your refrigerator, TV, washing machine, and other valuable commodities to it.

In addition to that, you should also conduct a thorough inspection of your home and ensure that there are no issues or problems. After finishing the inspection, you can proceed to the next step of cleaning your home. You will not have to hire a cleaning company or you will not need to buy expensive cleaning products to do the job. This is because you will only need a vacuum cleaner, some cleaning agents, and a few household items for the task.

If the construction of your modular home is in its final stages, then it is best not to clean the house. This is because you will have to clean the house once again after it is built and installed on the foundation. So, wait until your modular home manufacturers finish the project. However, if your home is already installed on your property, then below are a few simple tips to follow when you are cleaning your house.

Cleaning your Modular Home

You will have some big debris to clean in newly built small prefab homes and it is the best place to start your cleaning work as soon as possible. If there are large chunks of nails or wood, then pick them carefully with your hands. Now, take a vacuum cleaner and get the nasty and heavy debris out of the home.

The next step is to wipe down the dirt from the walls. Make sure to start from the top and then work your way down to the corners and to the downside of the windows. Now, vacuum the dust and dirt in the floor of your modular home.

After that is done, use a mop and properly clean the floors of your home once again to ensure that there is no dust or other undesirable particles on the floors of your home. Modular home manufacturers advise their customers to clean the ductwork of their home too, as it will help them remove the dirt, which is trapped down in the ductwork.