Key Price Breakdown in Building an Average Modular Home

Modular Home Prices
Key Price Breakdown

The overall construction process of a modular home involves various factors that directly affect the final costs. A proper know-how of the costs involved in the specific aspects related to the construction of the home is helpful to the homeowner in many ways. This includes the construction, delivery, plumbing, electrification, carpentry, etc.

A price breakdown is of immense help to a homeowner considering a modular home project. It helps them in determining the approximate pricing offered by different modular home manufacturers as well as the other key aspects associated with the home building process. The price breakdown offers an approximate estimate of the costs involved in each stage of home building. Below are the key price breakdowns involved in constructing an average modular home.

Land and Base Home Price

The value of the land differs considerably with the location. The pricing will differ considering the features of the land and its proximity to major towns or cities. The costs for buildable land in some of the areas can vary from $1000 to $10,000. Relying on a trustful real estate agent will be helpful in obtaining the best value of the land. Most modular home manufacturers offer the home at a fixed rate, which is approximately $80,000, excluding the customizations.

Additional Customizations

The additional customizations are the other major factor that incurs costs. Customizations are important for small prefab homes as it enables one to personalize the home according to their requirements. The price breakdown for the customizations will be approximately $32,000. However, this will vary depending on the number of customizations such as hardwood floors, quality insulation, and energy-efficient windows and doors.

Site Preparation and Foundation

The average cost involved in the preparation of small prefab homes is $6,500. The costs for the preparation of the site are much lower. This can vary if the site contains any tress and rocks. Removing them and clearing the land of the stumps will incur additional expenses. Besides that, building the foundation will cost around $22,000 in a fully prepared land, but placement of the foundation in a crawl space can cut the cost by half.

Building, Utilities, and Permits

The on-site building of the home will cost approximately $10,000. It will also include additional charges for any kind of additional customizations such as garage and decks. Connecting of the utilities will cost around $3000 in most townships. In the case of permits, the costs will differ according to the municipalities. The estimated price involved in gathering the necessary permits such as building and mechanical permits, certificate of occupancy, and pre-plan review is $2000.