Documents Required for Selling a Manufactured Home

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Manufactured Home Documents

Manufactured homes, or also known sometimes as mobile homes, are one of the best housing options available to American customers today because they are relatively a lot more affordable than conventional homes. Manufactured homes that are not permanently fixed to a foundation are usually classified as personal or chattel property.

Many manufactured homeowners in the country decide to sell their house after residing in it for a few years. If you are planning to sell your manufactured home, you should initially contact a manufactured homebuilder and ask how much your manufactured home is really worth. Knowing the estimated value of your factory-built home is crucial because it will help you to acquire a better deal. Below are some documents that you will need when you are selling your mobile or manufactured home to another person.

Mobile Home Titles

Mobile homes that are not affixed to a permanent foundation cannot be classified as a real property and they usually come with automobile-like titles. The motor vehicle departments of the state are usually the issuer of mobile home titles. This means that you will need to have your mobile home titles with you when you are selling the house.

Bills of Sale

If your manufactured home is regarded as a personal or chattel property, then you may have to provide a notarized bill of sale to the seller. In addition to that, both the buyer and seller will also have to sign the bill of sale when you are notarizing the bill.

Mobile Home Taxes

Most of the mobile homes in the country are taxed in some way by the municipalities or states. States like California assess manufactured homes just as they assess conventional site-built homes, while other states tax manufactured homes at a different standard. So, you will need to provide the evidence of paid-up state or municipal property taxes.

Home Occupancy Documents

If you are living in California, then you will probably need certificates of occupancy for your manufactured home while this is not a necessary requirement for mobile homes in other parts of the country. If you want to complete the sale of your manufactured home, then you will also have to produce home occupancy documents.

If you are living in mobile home community or park, get in touch with the manager there and ask if there are any rules for selling a manufactured home in the community or mobile home park. This will give you a better idea of the additional documents required for selling your manufactured house.