Helpful Tips in Selling Small Manufactured Homes

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Selling Small Manufactured Homes

Ever since their introduction, manufactured homes have quickly gained traction in the housing industry. They have been highly preferred due to their numerous advantages such as affordability, durability, and energy efficiency. Due to this, small manufactured homes have become much favored in the real estate industry as a viable option to site built homes.

The process of selling a manufactured home is different, unlike traditional homes. The differences in the building and other aspects of new manufactured homes have also created a distinction in the way they are sold to prospective buyers. Below are some helpful tips for homeowners planning to sell small manufactured homes.

Knowledge of the Market

The manufactured home market differs slightly than the other real estate market space. Having a proper understanding about the manufacturer is the primary factor that will aid in establishing the various strategies in selling and marketing.

Manufacturing companies are of different types such as those that specialize in building higher end homes and those that build regular ones. Have a clear understanding about the type of home will assist you in knowing about the target market.

Preparation and Assessment

You must be certain that the home is in tiptop condition and any repairs are undertaken properly before selling small manufactured homes. Carry out a thorough inspection of all the key aspects of the home, both interior- and exterior-wise, before listing the home for selling.

Some key areas to check include plumbing, leveling, roofing, water damages etc. Undertaking a proper inspection will help the buyer to save valuable time and the effort involved, which will significantly improve the value of the home.

Comply with the Rules

In the selling process, most of the manufactured home communities have their own specific set of rules. You need to strictly adhere to these rules while putting small manufactured homes for sale.

Some of the communities will need the seller to sell back the home to the community. Be well aware of the guidelines of different communities, as most of the communities and the homes placed on them differ considerably.

Size and Amenities

Most new manufactured homes differ in their sizing and are basically classified as single or doublewide. Doublewide homes are much easier to sell because of its amount of available space.

You also need to consider the amenities and other features such as kitchen upgrades and storage spaces while selling a singlewide home. Their location can also be used as a crucial factor in the selling point.