What Drives Homeowners to Place Mobile Homes in Community Parks

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Mobile Homes In Community Parks

A single-family manufactured home can be expanded by placing an Accessory Dwelling Unit at the home premises, and as per the occupants wish. Such additions require the homeowner to get a federal permit, and are different to the duplex dwellings, in that ADU requires homeowners to stay in one portion of the home if they are to rent out the other portion. Meanwhile, there are some differences between an Accessory Dwelling Unit and tiny mobile homes that are towed on wheels.

Such towed manufactured homes are also called as trailers, or by some people as recreational vehicles. However, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association defines: “An RV is a vehicle designed as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, travel or season use. RVs may be motorized (motorhomes) or towable (travel trailers, folding camping trailers, and truck campers). Off-road vehicles are not included in the RV definition.”

Comparison between RV and ADU

It shall be noted recreational vehicles come in all shapes as well as in different sizes. However, some states don’t permit parking RV in the American streets, but inside an RV park. As a legal thing, most drivers implement safety precautions in their RV to get moving permit and driving comfort. An Accessory Dwelling Unit in comparison is a structure assembled on a permanent foundation. In fact, an ADU can be a site-built home, a modular home, or even a tiny sized prefab home.

Homeowners are Driven by Convertibility

It is said that the trailers are common in manufactured home communities or mobile home parks. Moreover, the Department of Motor Vehicles has enforced certain rules while towing, tonguing the mobile homes, and turning them into a convertible home. In fact, there are certain driving rules such as keeping the headlights on based on the time of transit – half an hour after sunset or half an hour before sunrise.

You should also consider the climate conditions on the road while driving yours to the park such as nature of fog, type of rain (heavy rain or drizzle) etc. In any case, if you decide to invest in a trailer and place it on a manufactured home community – your purchase decision would be driven by enhanced customizations and convertible living. All the dwellings mentioned here are moveable, except for an Accessory Dwelling Unit, after occupancy.