Top 4 Cheap Flooring Options for Mobile Homes

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Flooring Ideas for Mobile Homes

Mobile homes have become immensely popular among numerous American citizens in the past few years due to the convenience it offers. Many people consider mobile home as their favorite housing choice over other traditional housing options.

Even though the foundations of the mobile homes are not permanent and their floor surfaces are not as much as sturdy as conventional site built homes, mobile homes are still capable of using the same flooring types as that of permanent single-family homes.

If you are a new mobile homeowner who is looking for cheap floor ideas for his home, then you should know that the same flooring options could be a lot expensive at times. Below are some of the cheap flooring ideas you could consider.


Linoleum is one of the most common flooring types used by many homeowners, because it is one of the least expensive flooring types available in the market and it is a lot more simpler to install when compared to other flooring types. The installation process of linoleum flooring involves the rolling out of linoleum to cover the surface of the floor.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are a lot lighter than porcelain or ceramic tiles, and they also come at just a fraction of the cost. The appearance and the installation of vinyl tiles are a lot similar to that of linoleum, but they usually come in tile like squares. This means that you can enjoy the luxury of creating your own floor plans for the mobile home.


Carpet is widely used throughout all mobile homes in the US and many homeowners prefer to use carpets in their bedrooms and living rooms. However, the price of a carpet may significantly vary based on factors such as the fabric or hand craft. The cheapest carpeting option is polyester, whereas the most expensive carpeting option is nylon carpet.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a lot less expensive option when compared to traditional hardwood flooring, but they can be a bit expensive than linoleum and other carpeting options. Professional homebuilders claim that homeowners who prefer to install laminate to hardwood will be able to save a lot of their valuable money. In addition to that, installing laminate flooring will also ensure that there are no marks in the subfloor of your mobile home.