Simple Steps for Planning the Living Room Design of your Mobile Home

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Living Room Designs for Mobile Homes

Planning the living spaces inside your mobile home is important, especially the living room. It has the highest priority, since it is the most commonly used space of your mobile home. Setting up the living room usually involves arranging the layout while also aligning the spaces using traditional practices like Feng Shui. Following the steps described below will give you a brief idea for designing the living room layout.


The shape of the living room is the first and most important thing to consider when designing your mobile home. Square is the commonly used shape in the living room design. Aligning the furniture away from the wall and grouping them around the coffee table gives the best look in a square design.

When considering a rectangular shape, arranging the furniture diagonally with the other pieces opposite to each other creates a balance and is aesthetically pleasing. For long and compact living spaces, it is better to avoid narrow furniture and invest in couches that do not have skirts. This will ensure a good flow of air within the space, which is important in a living room.

Available Space

Deciding on the placement of the furniture and décor should involve an understanding about the location of many different aspects of the room. This involves the windows, the availability of nearby outlets, the amount of wall space, entertainment options like TV, the location of the fireplace, etc.


The living room serves many functions like entertainment, relaxation, recreation, etc. Because of such varied functions, it is essential that you settle on a main function you want to focus in your living room.

If entertainment is your preferred function, align the furniture to get the best viewing angle with respect to your television. For other functions like conversation or common gathering, a circular arrangement with the seats facing opposite each other would do well.

The Items

After settling on the design, layout, and function of your mobile home living room, it is now worth considering the necessary things that you want to fill the room. When selecting the items, calculating the amount of space to accommodate them is also imperative.

For seating, couches and recliners are some of the best options. Choosing between a bookshelf or entertainment stand should be based on the required functions that you wish to elicit from the living area. Décors and other pieces of furniture should meet the demands of the function, layout, and design of the living room.