Removing Old Carpets of Manufactured Homes

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Removing Old Carpets

It is a widely known fact that both manufactured and mobile home remodeling projects can eat away lot of your money, hard work, and time. However, the effects these projects bring to a manufactured home urges homeowners to hire experienced mobile home manufacturers to do the job.

Many homeowners in the country wish to remodel their manufactured homes but their budget will not allow them to do so. If you are one among them, you should realize the fact that you can bring a fresh and attractive look to your home with little creativity and hard work.

The carpets in most old manufactured homes are ugly and worn. These carpets will affect the interior look of your manufactured home and make it look unappealing to your guests. So, if you are not in a financial situation to hire mobile home manufacturers to do the remodeling work, here are a few do it yourself tips to remove the carpets of your manufactured home.

Start At a Corner

If any of the corners of the carpet is loose, then that will be the perfect place to start. However, if all of the corners of the carpet are tightly secured, you will need to use a knife or any other sharp object to cut off a piece from the carpet.

Rip Away

Ripping off the carpet is no easy task, but it can be a little fun if you keep in mind that you are getting rid of the mess. Work from end to end of the carpet when you are ripping it and make sure to roll the rug as you proceed.

Remove the Tack Strips

After removing the carpet from the floor, make sure that all the tack strips are removed from the edges of the floor. This is a mundane and lengthy process but you will have to do it anyway.

Remove the Nails

Removing nails from the floor of your manufactured can also be a rough task but it is comparatively easy. Ensure that there are no nails on the floor before proceeding to the next step.

Sweep the Floor

The final step is to sweep off the remaining dust and dirt from the floor. Now, you may buy a new carpet and install it properly on the floor of your manufactured home.