Benefits of Using Modular Staircase in a Raised-Ranch Prefab

Modular Home Manufacturers
Benefits Of Modular Staircase

Modular stairs give contemporariness to your home, and a type of elevated staircase can be implemented anywhere at prefabricated homes. If you have a raised-ranch prefab home, then you can access the top level from the basement through a split-level entry staircase that intercuts the space. Apart from basements, some of the other places where modular stairs exist are lofts and the attic. Since modular home manufacturers place the staircase appropriately and interconnect the downstairs and upstairs, the homeowners won’t have to squeak through narrow pathways to climb up or down.

In fact, the modular staircases are designed in such a way that it minimizes bodily stress, where some staircase models even have three-dimensional capabilities. What’s more, designers can shape individual modular staircases distinctly, with safety measurements that give climbers an adequate rest while climbing.

Use of Handrail

Commonly, metal or steel are the two materials to build the modular staircase. Handrails are made of plastic or wood, giving homeowners more options to design the home interiors with custom add-ons other than conventional materials. Attachments such as handrail brackets fix the modular staircase next to the prefab housing wall and enable easy climbing for anyone in the home.

The Aesthetic Appeal

Visually, modular stairs could be modified in a way that the design aspects of the home match the interior décor. Modular home manufacturers match the prefab interior with staircases and its depth, rotations, as well as railings. Such staircase configurations allow natural sunlight enter inside the home, at the same time giving the prefab interior an open feel.

Installing Modular Stairs by Self

If you are going to install modular stairs at home without the help of modular home manufacturers after years of living, then you can buy the modular staircase separately and hire general contractors to install the same. It is practical to install the modular staircase in a raise-ranch prefab using simple little masonry tools, and you can rely on the user manual instructions for that.

If you have veterans and disabled people at home, then install the modular staircase in a cramped space. In addition, use the handrail accordingly for your staircase, such as deck railing, stair railing, bunk bed safety railings, and so on. It is the modular staircase, after all, and no conventional wooden ladder.