Beginner’s Guide to Manufactured Home Builders

Mobile Home Manufacturers
Manufactured Home Builders

Decisions to buy new manufactured homes are usually made after choosing the builder. Thankfully, the United States of America offers approximately seventy builders to choose from. We would discuss the profit sharing concept in mobile home deals.

Explaining the Default Profit

When a deal goes through via middlemen, and albeit the builder gets only 1 percentage on the invoice price, the total settlement is made by year end. These are known as “Holdbacks” which is a default percentage of the invoice price that the buyer needs hold back from the builder. Holdback obligations are offered to protect the interests of all parties including buyers.

The Dealership Concept

Mobile home manufacturers control the major designs, keep updated with contemporary trends and sell their new manufactured homes via middlemen. With higher prices and more advertisement, most new manufactured homes with plush upholstery furniture would be tough to negotiate.

Sibling Builders Concept

It is quite an unknown fact that half a dozen builders in America own more than 70 percent of the manufactured home market. In order to share profits, the builders often split into siblings with one being the Umbrella Dealer and other Factory-Direct.

This would have no bearing on the total profit earned, although the two spread nationwide and are separated by legal formalities.

Indigenous Builders Concept

These are the local builders who have more or less at par experience with the nationwide builders. The indigenous builders display unsophisticated designs, with lower overhead cost and price. You wouldn’t break a sweat in finding them, in case if you have direct access at the offing. Keep the talks to be warm when you meet their executives and maintain silence when choosing one design from the exclusive prototypes.

Rules permit licensed selling and buying of new manufactured homes. All the types of builders mentioned here keep different prototypes to enhance consumer decision making. Please make it a point to negotiate matters with the builder on the onset, for you wouldn’t want to make a mockery of the entire process in between construction.