5 Things to Include in your Small Prefab Homes Contract

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Small Prefab Homes Contract

The first thing to do after finding modular home manufacturers with a project estimate that you are satisfied with is to create a formal home building contract. So, make sure to prepare a detailed written contract and ask your modular home manufacturers to read it thoroughly and sign it before starting the construction process of your home.

If you are planning to add any additions or upgrades to your small prefab homes during the construction phase, it is wiser to add them to your contract as well, because it will help you avoid unnecessary disputes and other problems with your homebuilder. On the other hand, if your homebuilder is preparing the home contract, then make sure to hire a lawyer to review the contract before you sign it. This will help you to know whether the home contract protects you or not.

If your lawyer is not happy with the standard contract, then consult with your homebuilder and make necessary changes before you sign the contract. Below are a few things that you should certainly include in your prefab home contract.

Payment Schedule

Building a new prefab home is certainly a big project and it can cost you a fair amount of your savings. If you are planning to pay money on a schedule, then make sure to mention that in your home building contract, as it will prevent the chances of a dispute over payments.

Change Policy

If you are planning to make any changes to your home during the construction process, then ensure that a change policy is included in the building contract. Moreover, the change policy in your home building contract should contain when the changes can happen and when not.


All prefab homes should include a full warranty. Some of the building materials such as shingles come with their own product warranty. So the contract should also contain the full terms of the warranty and it should be specific what is covered and what is not covered.


Many people fail to complete the construction process of their home due to insurance problems, permit issues, and other problems. So, it is wiser to include the stage where you can cancel the construction project and the cancellation fee that you will have to pay for terminating the project.


The construction of most prefab homes gets completed without any delays, but you should know what to do if there happens to be any holdup. This is why your home building contract must state the penalties for delays that are caused by the modular home manufacturer.