Why Manufactured Homes are Perfectly Leveled

Manufactured Homes For Sale
Re-Leveling Indications

Manufactured homes for sale have steel modules, transported from factory to the site. Once it reaches the site, it is time to level up the structure using the hydraulic jack or the pier. Below is some general information on mobile home leveling.

Re-Leveling Indications

Old manufactured home structure needs to be re-leveled when:

  • The floors get cracked
  • Walls or skirting slopes

If you feel that the floors slope, then re-leveling mandates.

Leveling Avoids Tilt Underneath

Greater stress on the piers underneath might cause tilts on the mobile home. Using appropriate carports underneath would avoid such tilts. Note that uneven surfaces tend to have the carports added as a necessity in some cases.

Licensed Builders Team Up with Contractors

Leveling is a work that requires professional nous as well as special tools. Some projects have the builder-contractor binding as well. Licensed contractors and builders team up to assemble safe modules meeting the HUD norms.

Workman Insurance

The leveler’s task may turn out somewhat complicated depending on the surface. Apart from the insurance, re-leveler retains the tools with them after final assembly. Workman insurance is an optional formality but it ensures the safety of laborers leveling the manufactured homes for sale.

Formal Home Inspection

General contractors, in addition to the factory inspection, conduct round robin inspections on-site. The contractors ensure the fastening of bolts and nuts, right down to the structure beneath. While this may take time, inspections would replace damaged parts if any.

Players in Manufactured Home

Having mobile home re-leveled would ensure the quality of the structure. When reassembling the property, neighbor requirements shall be met. Meeting permits and such is necessary for federal governance. Another player involved in manufactured homes for sale is the lender.

Optional Moving

The manufactured home turns out to be ’mobile’ by all means when towed on wheels. There is a resale value associated with such type of dwelling. You would want to hire the services of a moving company to aid the transportation.

Homeowners tend to continue living in the same neighborhood; the mobile leveling pays off. Leveled houses exclude jammed doors, windows, or cracked walls. Yet, you should do re-level only when it is required.