Things You Should Know Before Painting Your Manufactured Home

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Painting Your Manufactured Home

Several manufactured homeowners decide to do a number of upgrades and other makeovers to their home after living in it for a few years. If you are planning to improve the look of your manufactured home but you don’t have enough budget in your hand, then a simple makeover would be to paint the walls of the home.

Painting the walls of your manufactured home will instantly bring a fresh look to it and make it a lot more appealing to your neighbors and other viewers. In addition to that, painting your home is an affordable makeover idea and it certainly does improve the overall value of your home.

However, it is true that painting the walls of your manufactured home might not be easy, as it seems. Most of the older manufactured homes generally have faux walls or a faux wood paneling that are made from vinyl on gypsum (VOG) panels. There is a paper coated to these walls, which resist water and efficiently holds the gypsum together. The presence of this coated paper in the walls of manufactured homes makes painting these walls a difficult task.

However, if your manufactured home is built before 1980’s, it will probably have faux wood paneling, which was a popular wood paneling choice of mobile homebuilders during these years, but will not have water repellent paper coating. This means that painting will not be difficult in manufactured houses with faux wood paneling without water resistant coating.

If you are a manufactured homeowner planning to paint your home, then you might be wondering why homebuilders use VOG wall panels. Manufactured homebuilders use these panels as they are water resistant, lightweight, easy to clean, install and maintain. These panels usually come with a glossy paper coating and have no tapered edges. Therefore, installers generally use strips or battens to cover the seams. The glossy paper coating on these walls is hard to paint and it will be better to seek help of a professional painter to have better results.

However, most of the modern manufactured homebuilders have started using different wall materials even though they are made with gypsum. So, consult with your builder before you start the painting job, as it will give you a better idea of the wall panels used to make your home.