Remodeling Manufactured Homes to Optimize Security

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Improve Security by Remodeling Homes

Manufactured homes present many advantages like the ability to set up a decent and comfortable place to live, in a very quick amount of time. Along with that, it has the added benefits of customizations, which is something far higher than offered by a traditional home. However, manufactured homes might contain vulnerabilities in the security point of view. One of the reasons for its weakened security is that it lacks a sturdy construction that traditional houses have.

This means it is specifically weak in the areas of the doors, windows, and frames. However, many options exist for remodeling the home for improving the security. Homeowners can utilize these measures to make their manufactured homes more secure, thereby minimizing the risks of potential burglary attempts into the property.

Described below are some measures to remodel your manufactured home for improved security. These tips are applicable to both new manufactured homes, as well as those pre-owned manufactured homes for sale.

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are one of the least secure points in a manufactured home. They are noted for their weakness, which makes it the perfect path for intruders to break in. One of the first things in applying security updates for the windows and doors is to check whether they are properly fitted into the frames. Replace them immediately when any gaps or breaks are found in them.

In sliding windows, affix a wooden rod in the base to ensure its proper locking. The next step will be to invest in a solid exterior door instead of using the built-in doors that come with your home. Always make sure that the doors remain properly fixed to the hinges.


Deadbolts are the ideal investments to bolster the security of your manufactured home. Pairing it with a solid doorframe virtually eliminates any chance of breaking in through the doors. Install deadbolts on every important doorway like bedrooms, the main door, and ones at the back of the house as well. Other useful additions include door and window jammers, which add to the overall strength at very low costs.

Security System

With a little amount of spending, there is no limit to the benefits offered by a good security system for your home. There are many models available ranging from the most basic alarm systems to highly advanced monitoring security solutions. If going for a low-priced option, a basic alarm system is more than enough rather than going for advanced systems like monitoring security devices. They are quicker to install and can ward off intruders by activating loud sirens when your house security is breached.