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Vinyl Flooring

Flooring plays an important role in energy efficiency, home décor, and comfort of a home, especially in a manufactured home. Having a good flooring can completely change the look and feel of the home and can also help to cut down the heating and cooling charges.

Many flooring options are available for manufactured homes, and so, it is very important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various manufactured home flooring options. Vinyl flooring is the latest trend adopted in new manufactured homes, especially for kitchens, mudrooms, and baths.

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring entails low maintenance charges when compared to old linoleum sheets. This flooring is also budget-friendly than linoleum flooring, yet where linoleum flooring can last for up to forty years, vinyl flooring usually lasts for up to twenty years only. In addition, you will need to use a sealant in linoleum flooring to offer water resistance to the flooring and this can be costly. However, vinyl flooring does not need any extra sealants for water resistance.

The cost savings and water resistance make vinyl flooring an ideal option for new manufactured homes flooring. In addition, there has been much advancement made in the adhesives industry, making glues offer strong and lasting bonds. Vinyl, together with the latest glues, can be a great flooring option for your manufactured or mobile home, as it is easy to install, long lasting, durable, and water resistant.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

You can have a variety of vinyl tiles to suit your manufactured home flooring needs. Different types of vinyl tiles are available in the market, based on pattern, thickness, material composition, and adhesion. In fact, luxury vinyl tile, or simply LVT, has become a trending flooring option these days. These tiles closely mimic natural materials like stone or wood as they have realistic texture and patterns.

As vast array of designs are available in vinyl tile flooring, designers are putting these tiles everywhere. In addition, these tiles are offered in varied sizes and shapes. Plank, standard square, and rectangle are the most popular choices in vinyl tiles.

One important thing that you should keep in mind while shopping for home flooring is that you will have to buy all the flooring you need in bulk. This is especially important if you use a single floor to cover the complete home, as you cannot count on your local store to keep the same patterns or brands.