Common Problems with Old Mobile Homes

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Old Mobile Homes

If you are planning to buy manufactured homes that are old, then you need to be very much careful while inspecting the home. The list of recurring problems in older mobile and manufactured homes shared below will help you know where to look for defects.

Belly Wrap Damage

Normally, the underside of manufactured homes will be covered by a plastic sheet, in order to keep out moisture. This sheet of plastic is called a bottom board or a belly wrap. This belly wrap is an excellent moisture barrier and will keep out insects and rodents, as long as the sheep is intact.

Yet there are situations in which the belly wrap needs to be cut open. For instance, plumbing repairs need cutting open of the belly wrap and the area may not be resealed after the repair, or the cut will be taped with some duct tape that will come loose after a few days.

Polybutylene Piping

Polybutylene piping or PB piping was used in mobile water supply from early 80’s to 1995. The easy installation and cost saving made it a good alternative to the copper water pipes. Typically, the pipe will be gray in color and will have copper color band connections, and will be stamped by the marking “PB2110.”

Note that polybutylene pipes were notorious for causing water damages, as these pipes are easily ruptured. If the manufactured home that you are planning to buy has polybutylene pipes, you will need to spend several thousands of dollars to replace the pipes.

Leaking Skylight

If skylights used in the mobile home are not of good quality, it will lead to leaks and water damage sooner or later. Better quality skylights will have a raised curb around the perimeter of the skylight to prevent water from seeping in. In addition, the skylight will be sealed by down lapping it between the caulk and the roofing material.

Roof Deterioration

Asphalt shingle roofs over poorly vented or unvented attic space will age faster than properly vented ones, owing to heat buildup in the attic. Premature roof deterioration is a very common problem in manufactured homes with poor attic ventilation. The roof shingles will crack and start to curl at the edges if ventilation is not proper. Offering good attic ventilation can help prevent this issue.