Checking the Electric Water Heater of your Manufactured Home

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Are you used to taking hot water showers in your manufactured home? What if one day the water heater stopped working and provided only lukewarm or cold water? Of course, you would need to contact an electrician to check the water heater, but before that, you can do a few things to check the heater element, which is the most important component of the manufactured home water heater.

Heating elements are just metal wires that are capable of resisting current flowing through them. Due to the very high resistance of these coils, they get heated very fast when electric current is passed through them. This heat from the coil is used to heat cold water, which is offered to you via the outlet tap.

The basic working principle of all electric water heaters is the same, and when the heating coil is broken, it won’t get heated when current is passed through the coil. However, it is fairly easy to test the heating element of manufactured home water heaters, but you should try the steps shared below only if you are experienced and well-informed in working with electrical appliances.

Testing the Electric Water Heater

  • Locate the switch that supplies electric power to your water heater and turn it off.
  • After cutting down the supply to the electric heater, you need to remove the covers of the heater using a screwdriver. Usually, there will be two covers – one over the heating element and other over the thermostat.
  • You will be able to see plastic shields over the connections to the heating element. You need to snap these shields off carefully, but before doing this, confirm that you have successfully cut the electric power to the water heater. You can use a tester or multimeter to check that there is no power on the connections.
  • Now you need to check the connection to the heating element, which will be a small rectangular box with screws along the edges and two knobs at opposite sides. If the connection to the heating element is intact, the issue can be with the thermostat of the water heater.
  • You can make use of the multimeter to check the heating element. Set the meter to continuity check mode and test the probes on the connection to the heating element. If the meter beeps, the heating element is fine; else, you need to replace the element for the heater to work properly.