Buying a Used Manufactured Home for your Family

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Manufactured Homes

First impressions can serve as useful and powerful tools while buying manufactured homes. You will be able to tell if the home has been maintained and properly cared for from its appearance. Homeowners who have kept their home neat and tidy are likely to be updated on the maintenance side also. If you find that the home you are planning to buy was not well cared for, you should be extra cautious.

A thorough inspection is necessary to make a good home buying decision. Some of the important things to look for while inspecting manufactured homes are discussed below. Depending on the location of the home, it may have to pass many building codes before you can start living in it. The home may be inspected for transportation, structural design, plumbing, electrical, foundation, and many other aspects. Two of the standard inspections are plumbing and electrical.

Electrical Inspection

If the home is older than 1976, it is mandatory to have it rewired with a new circuit breaker box. If the home is not rewired, it will be your duty to rewire the home before inspection. The HUD standards did not take effect until the middle of 1976 and the aluminum wires that were used before that time are not safe.

If the house is newer than 1976, you will need to check the breaker box of the home for organized circuits. In addition, make sure that all the wall switches are working and that GFCI switches are used at all water sources.

Plumbing Inspection

You need to inspect the home thoroughly for water leaks. Inspect all the water sources and look above and around all the doors and windows of the house. Water is considered the worst enemy of all manufactured homes. Look for leaks at sources like tubs, sinks, dishwashers, toilets, showers, and washing machines. Make sure that you:

  • Inspect the water heat and the floor under it to check for any leaks;
  • Flush toilets and check for the pressure loss; and
  • Look under the home for any sign of leak or water damages.

In used manufactured homes, bathroom floors are the most commonly damaged and replaced area. Some of the manufactured homes may have carpets in bathrooms, so you need to lift the floor covering to check for water damages and molds.