Benefits of Energy Star Certified Manufactured Homes

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New manufactured homes for sale come with an assortment of features like better energy efficiency and quality. The new trend of sustainable living has prompted many homeowners to look for manufactured homes that have certain energy saving certifications. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the premier organization in the country that spearheaded this movement through many initiatives for conserving the environment.

ENERGY STAR certification is one of the most sought over energy efficient standards incorporated into new manufactured homes today. This certification ensures that energy efficient features are included in the design and construction of the home, thereby enabling increasing savings for the homeowner. The homes certified under ENERGY STAR meet the strict energy performance standards set by the EPA.

Many home manufacturers have collaborated with EPA in their ENERGY STAR programs for building energy efficient manufactured homes. The following are some of the major benefits and features of ENERGY STAR certified manufactured homes.

Enhanced Living Experience

ENERGY STAR certified homes rely on materials and components that have good energy saving features. This can minimize the use of energy by the heating and cooling systems of new manufactured homes. Such features ensure the regulation of excessive heat, cold and noise inside the home to offer the right temperature for living comfortably. This regular maintenance of heat and cold results in ENERGY STAR certified manufactured homes to offer improved comfort and living experience than normal homes.

Conserving the Environment

ENERGY STAR certified homes could drastically reduce the energy requirements needs, which will significantly contribute to the protection of the environment. In addition, purchasing an ENERGY STAR certified manufactured home enables the homeowner to make a greater contribution to the nation to minimize the energy needs thereby conserving the environment.

Government Backing

ENERGY STAR certified homes meet the strict guidelines implemented by the EPA, a key environment body of the government. The government certifications ensure that the home offers greater energy efficiency and sustainability. Moreover, this EPA certification also makes sure that the home is built with stringent quality standards along with the necessary energy efficient features.

Lower Costs

ENERGY STAR certified new manufactured homes comes with top energy efficient features that most standard homes lack. This ensures that the homes use significantly much lower energy for the purposes of heating and cooling, to cut down the utility costs considerably.