5 Things That Modular Homes Are Not

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Modular construction has been around since the start of the prefabricated homes and has arrived at the forefront as the latest innovation in housing. Let us look at what modular homes are NOT.

Modular Homes are NOT Trailer Homes

Modular home fabrication is referred as manufacturing, so many of us think that modular homes and manufactured homes are the same, but they are not. Modular homes are also not mobile homes, HUD homes, trailer homes, or doublewides. The biggest distinction is that while the modular homes need to conform to strict building standards, the other types of homes just need to be certified by HUD.

Modular Homes do NOT Look Different from Site-Built Homes

Some of us shy away from modular homes, as we do not want others to know that we have bought a modular home. However, you should definitely let others know that your home is modular, as these homes are eco friendly, economic, and responsible way to build. Besides, understand that modular homes are no different from the site-built homes.

Modular Homes are NOT Hard to Maintain

Some of the modular home buyers believe that these homes are less expensive to build, but will cost more in the long run owing to higher maintenance charges. Yet in reality, modular homes actually cost much less to maintain, as these homes are prefabricated in factories under superior construction quality. That is why, these homes are not much likely to experience serious maintenance issues, and due to the exact factory construction, heating and cooling costs will also be low for modular homes.

Modular Homes are NOT Unsafe

As many of us confuse modular homes with the manufactured homes, we think that the modular homes are poorly constructed. However, this is not the truth. Modular homes are made in factories and conform to buildings standards that are higher than most of the site built homes, as each of the module need to withstand the stress while transporting the modules to the construction site. In fact, Federal Emergency Management Agency says that modular homes are likely to withstand even hurricane level conditions.

Modular Homes does NOT Depreciate in Value

Most people think that modular homes depreciate in value over time. This is another holdover from believing that modular and manufactured homes are the same. It is true that the value of manufactured homes will depreciate with time, but modular homes increase in value with time, just like the site-built homes.