What Does a Basic Homeowners’ Insurance Cover?

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Homeowners’ Insurance Cover

Having a proper knowledge of your homeowners’ insurance is critical because it helps you protect your home and the residents from the unforeseen damages or accidents. Most homeowners in the country have a misconception that their insurance policy covers almost everything in  the home, but that is not true. So, consult with your insurance agent or company and ask them what does your homeowners insurance policy covers. If it doesn’t offer coverage to your home in events of flood or fire, it is wiser to add a coverage for those items. Below are a few things you should know about homeowners’ insurance policies.

What Does a Basic Homeowners’ Insurance Cover?


The structure of your manufactured home will certainly be covered by a homeowners’ policy. If the structure of your house gets damaged by hail, snow, rain, hurricane, or lighting, it will be covered by your insurance policy. However, you will have to ensure that your specific policy contains such an inclusion.


Damages incurred to your manufactured home due to a fire accident usually cover the home and the valuables in it. Ensure that the insurance coverage amounts are adequate enough for replacing or repairing your home and the properties in it.


Most of the basic homeowners’ policies cover the damages happened to your house because of wind, rain, storm, or other adverse weather conditions. However, flood coverage will not fall under this certain category.

What it Doesn’t Cover


You might be surprised to know that basic a homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover flooding. This means that you will have to do a little research and separately purchase an insurance policy that offers flood coverage. You should also note that most homeowners’ insurance policies also do not cover water damages.


If your manufactured home is located in a region that experiences earthquakes regularly, you must get an additional coverage to protect your house and the valuables in it from an earthquake. The basic homeowners’ insurance policies do not offer coverage for earthquake, so consult with your insurance agent and get an additional coverage as soon as possible.

Wear and Tear

Regular damages happened to your manufactured home due to average weather patterns and aging will not be covered in a basic homeowners’ policy. This implies that regular home maintenance tasks such as repairing the roof, painting, and plumbing will not be a part of your basic homeowners’ insurance.