Warning Signs to Look for Before Buying a Used Manufactured Home

Manufactured Home
Buying Used Manufactured Home

Many of us looking to buy manufactured homes for sale usually look for the obvious warning signs to understand if the home needs serious work. However, home inspection experts say that apart from the obvious signs, such as missing roof shingles and damp spots on floor and walls, you will also need to look for the hard to find issues like foundation damage. Some of the important warning signs that you need to look for before buying a manufactured home are discussed below.

Water Damage

You need to look for crack and porous grout cracks if the manufactured home has a ceramic tiled shower, as water can enter the walls of the home through these cracks to do thousands of dollars of damage. Therefore, it is important to inspect the shower of the home thoroughly.

Wiring Issues

You need to look for amateur electrical work, receptacles that are ungrounded, overloaded circuit breakers, and lack of ground fault circuit breakers and interrupters in the wet areas. You will also need to look if the home has aluminum wiring as the old manufactured homes that were built between 1960 and 1970 used this type of wiring.

Foundation Problems

Look for flowerbeds that are planted very close to the outside walls of the home as these beds can draw much water into the foundation of the manufactured home and can lead to damages over time. You will also have to look if the foundation is damp, as moistness can be an indication that the foundation of the home needs work.

Roof Damage

You need to look for damages in the roofing of the home. Home manufacturers say that majority of the litigations in construction involve roofing issues. Damages in the roof of the home can result in damages to other important area of the home like flooring and the walls. Generally, if the roof of the home is bad, the rest of the home could be in big danger.

Heating and Cooling

Gas furnaces used in manufactured homes may introduce carbon monoxide gas into the living rooms, and the gas can be deadly in high concentrations. So, it is important to check the heating and cooling system installed in the manufactured home before deciding to buy the home, else it can prove dangerous to you and your family.