Top Home Automation Features for a Manufactured Home

Manufactured Home
Home Automation Features

With technology influencing our lives in a big way, a homeowners’ quest for an upgraded home is perhaps limitless. What’s more, synchronized tablets and smartphones may come in handy in making the full use of a smart home. Below are top four home automation features for manufactured homes. Synchronize these with technology and you could influence the ordinary course of events in a better way than what you are used to at your home.

Remotely Controllable Power Outlets

The wireless power outlets bridge the gap between kitchen appliances to the outlet, or any other technology elsewhere in the home. In addition to drastically reducing the hassle of tangled up electric cables and wires, implementing a remote power strip having Wi-Fi and the smart plug would provide hassle-free electric supply to all the home appliances.

Mountable Tablets

Fixing a small panel on the wall to house a tablet and choosing the wall color that matches with the tablet color is an ideal means to upgrade the home. After that, synchronizing the tablet to the manufactured housing appliances would help control multiples of devices from a single space.

The wall mount tablets are normal tablets only, but get mounted to, say, the panel of a refrigerator or deck easily. By mounting the synchronized tablet to the panelized wall, homeowners can amplify surround sound systems, tweak temperature in a thermostat, or control the smart lights from anywhere in the house.

Keyless Smart Lock

An automated smart locking system can supplement a deadbolt lock in the front door. Most of the smart locks would remotely alert the homeowner whey they are out-stationed. When a perpetrator tries to enter the home when homeowners are away, timely alerts would be sent to the homeowner’s tablets. Moreover, homeowners do not need to carry around a key all the time either if they choose the keyless smart lock.

Automated Sliding Doors

People hardly imagine a technology feature on the front door, and better still, most keep a sliding barn door in the hallways of a tiny manufactured home, remotely. Sliding barn doors are typically made of barnwood and most sliding barn doors could typically change the feel of hallways at home.