Tips to Maintain Air Filters in a Manufactured Home

Small Manufactured Homes
Maintain Air Filters

Albeit the HVAC components in your home runs on gas or electricity, a clean air filter is much essential to reduce the dust and prevent the clogs in an air conditioner. Air filters are used in a heat pump, a home furnace, and areas that require home maintenance of sorts. Below are three tips that may help you replace or maintain the air filter as per the living convenience at home.

Spot Metal Grills Inside Utility Rooms

Spotting the air vent filters in small manufactured homes is the first step to circulate clean and pristine air inside the home. The utility closets are used for laundry and most homeowners place return grills inside utility rooms. You would find a metal grill on the wall inside utility closets, and once that is spotted, air conditioner and furnace can be turned off to check the filter.

Take Down Measurements

If dust particles clog the air filter, maybe it is time to replace, or else, let filters be in its original place. Usually, the air filters tend to vary from 10 x 20 x 1 to 24 x 30 x 1 in sizes. Once you note down the size of yours, head straight to a hardware store to find a replacement air filter. The clearer the air, filter the better it is for the small manufactured homes adobe.

Replacement vis-à-vis Maintenance

Usually, technicians recommend homeowners to change the air filters in a manufactured home every two to three months, depending on outside weather conditions. For instance, if summer heat prevails in your area, there may be dust clogging the air filter. Similarly, if you live in snowy weather conditions, pushing heat through the furnace may prove to be a tough act for air vent filters.

What to Take Note of

If you have pets at home, choose an air filter that specifies on the package that the filter can tackle pet dandruff. To clean the washable air filter, simply flush out the filter clogs with water and reinstall them when they are completely dry.

Expert technicians would help you decide whether to change air filters or replace the air filter at home. Note that to qualify as a HEPA filter, the one chosen by you should satisfy the efficiency standards set by U.S. Department of Energy.