Steps in Installing Anchors for Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Home
Anchor Installation of Manufactured Homes

One of the most beneficial aspects of a manufactured home is its durability. Manufactured homes are certified and proven to stay strong in cases of extreme weather conditions like strong winds, flooding, etc. However, this certified durability of manufactured homes is strictly dependent on the extra safety measures used.

Proper anchorage is one such measure that ensures the stability of a manufactured home in the event of strong storms. Affixing the house to anchors set in the foundation ground of the home ensures a stable and secure placement of the house, which is crucial.

Installing the proper anchorage system requires a thorough knowhow of its functioning and the various components. Before purchasing the necessary anchors for your home, it is essential to check the requirements properly. Seeking the guidance and supervision of a professional home contractor is also recommended before commencing installation of the anchors.

Given below are the steps to install anchors for your manufactured home.

  • The primary step to undertake before beginning any anchor installation is to check the level of your home. Ensure that your home is perfectly leveled using various level measuring equipments. Stringent follow up of this method is crucial before you install the anchor systems.
  • When done, check the wind zone chart of your area. This is essential in determining the nature and direction of wind prevalent at the place. It will aid in finding out the required anchors needed to hold the manufactured home down safely.
  • The type of soil beneath your house is also crucial in ensuring proper anchorage of your manufactured home. The nature of the soil decides what type of anchors is needed for affixing to the ground. Always consult with a qualified building inspector if you are unsure about the type of soil beneath your home.
  • Gather a hook up and tensioning device for the installation. Make sure that the system can withstand at least 4800 pounds.
  • Before the installation procedure, it is important that all the lines be marked off clearly. This would be helpful in identifying the correct location of these lines and prevent any disasters.
  • When installing the over-the-top tie down, it is required that the straps are placed on the rafter of the roof. Moreover, you need to remove any straps that are blocking the windows or doors.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the anchors. Maintain at least a 40-degree angle and attach the collar to keep the anchor in place.