Simple Ideas to Make your Manufactured Home Energy Efficient

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Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are one of the best housing options available to American citizens today. One of the major advantages of being a manufactured homeowner is that you can customize the home as per your needs and wishes. In addition to that, you could also make your manufactured home a lot more energy efficient when compared to site-built homes.

If you install a number of simple energy savers in your home, then you will be able to save plenty of your money on heating and electricity bills. Below are a few simple ideas, which will help you to make your manufactured home a lot more energy efficient.

Open the Windows

One of the simplest ways to make your manufactured home energy efficient is to simply open the windows. This will help you to enjoy fresh air and direct sunlight and it will also cut down the electricity bills of your manufactured home. You could also use a window fan for cooling your home rather than using an air conditioner.

Update Insulation

If you are manufactured homeowner, then you will certainly need to conduct a regular inspection of the insulation, siding, and weather stripping and check whether they are in good condition or not. These preventive measures will help you to stop the cold and hot air from escaping through the heating and cooling systems.

Install a Solar Panel

Many manufactured homeowners have a misconception that installing a solar panel on the roof of their house is a difficult task and costly. In reality, you can easily install them on the roof your house and they are not costly as you may think. Obviously, installing a solar panel on the roof of your home will also help you to considerably cut down your electricity bills.

Install a Wind Turbine

Some manufactured homeowners do not like the look of wind turbines on their home. However, if you install this device with the right placement, then it will not affect the overall appearance of your factory built home, but the energy generated by the wind turbines will help you in reducing your electricity bills greatly.

Change your Light Bulbs

Make sure to use high efficiency light bulbs in your manufactured home rather than settling for low quality light bulbs. This is because high efficiency light bulbs use little or no energy when they are turned on, which means that they will help you to cut down the electricity bills of your manufactured home.