Popular Garage Add-Ons for Manufactured Homes in a Private Property

Manufactured Homes
Popular Garage Add-Ons

Garages come attached as well as separately in manufactured housing, and there are many different types of garage additions for manufactured homes. Essentially, garages are meant for storing vehicles and other tools. Modern day garages tend to have sliding barn doors, which helps homeowners to protect their vehicles with smart locking system and remote controls. Below are some popular garage add-ons for manufactured homes in a private property, and considerations regarding how to place the garage.

Detached Garages

Also known as additional dwelling unit garage, detached garages are placed separately to the manufactured home, somewhere on the home property. Most usually all types of additional dwelling unit garages tend to have a driveway for driving a car through to the garage. A good thing with additional dwelling unit garage is that one can even construct the garage even after placing the manufactured home in a property.

Adjacent and Integral Garages

There are two different types of attached garages placed next to the home: adjacent garage and integral garage. In fact, it would be tough for onlookers to tell apart an adjacent garage to an integral garage in one glance. The principal difference between adjacent and integral garage is that the latter has a fourth-wall break, and yet, shares the same foundation with the manufacturing housing.

Garage Installation Considerations

One may not even require any pondering while building a detached garage in a manufactured home other than the placement of the additional dwelling unit garage. However, while attaching the garage close to the home or integrating a garage with the manufactured homes’ design, below pointers should be duly considered.

  • Attached garage allows an entry through the laundry room, kitchen, or through utility rooms, and even better it is if the manufactured homes have an elevated design with a basement underneath.
  • You may need to leave some crawl space underneath the garage, and insulate the underside of the mobile home, to make garages robust.
  • You should decide the type of door you want for the garage. Sliding barn doors have trendy design and are made of barn wood, which is a contemporary garage door material. Other garage door materials include steel, which is sturdy and lasts for long.